Aluthgama Kande Viharya

Aluthgama which is about half a mile away from Kaluwomodara junction on Aluthgama junction, is located in a small mountain surrounded by a small hill.

The chief incumbent of this temple which commenced with the head of the Kentota Galapatha Viharaya, Rajadhi Rajadehee of Kandy, was Udugama Chandrasara Thero's student named Dedduwa Dhammananda Thero of the Welivita Asarana Sarana Saranankara Magazine. Before the construction of the present dagaba, there is evidence that the small dagaba was built on the date of the Buddha in 2327. The inception of the temple is further evidence of the establishment of the temple.

Giving Buddha Sacrifices, “ Dansala and annual Milk and Murukani Pooja vihara “ are among the most important religious programs.

Udugama Chandrasara thero says that his student, Karapalga Therimitha Thero has built the primary role of the temple under the leadership of the first Viharadhipathi. Subsequently, the chief incumbents of the Vihara were Bentara Sounuththara, Mahagoda Dhammadassi, Malewana Sumana, Malewana Seelawansa, Pinnagoda Aththadassi, Pottuvila Saranathissa and Heenatiyangala Janarama.

The Buddha In the year 2479, in front of the present dagoba, there is a small monument and a beautiful house with a spectacular Buddha statue created in the landmark. Designed on an eight-stage platform, the Dagoba enhances the beauty of the temple.

The sacred relics of ancient mural paintings dating to the Kandyan period have been sacred due to the sanctuary of the relic casket in a relic casket in the Relic casket. Vihara Nicholas Clock Tower is a powerful symbol of antiquity in this sacred area. There is a Bodhi Gharra surrounded by it.

The 107 Rian Samadhi Buddha Statue, built recently, is brought to the temple with a magnificent view. Under the statue of Buddha, there are statues and paintings built in the temple.

The huge three-story pearl in front of the Shrine is a rare structure. There are shells and cement holes in the hollows, and the lion and the lion are there. On the top of the pandal there is a small dagaba placed in the Buddha Relics. Dutch architecture relies on Dutch architecture. Buddha statue houses statues and frescoes.

Vishnu Devale is a statue of the Vishnu Devalaya living in a Vishnu Devale, on the left side of the Shrine, with a gold crown of a crown that is vividly decorated with a crown. This Vishnu was considered to be the supernal force for the Kande Viharaya  Devalaya. In addition, thousands of devotees come here daily to offer sacrifices to other temples.

Temples of the present chief incumbent, Ven. Bentara and Ven. Batuwanhehera Buddharakkhita Thera have been developed. It is evident that the temple is dedicated to the three-storey Sanghawasa Pilgrims' Rest, the Way to the Vihara, the New Devale, the Bodhi Ranewatta and the Fourth Sahakawasa Dawn Hall. Having great respect for the people of the area, he devotes himself day and night to the development of temples by fulfilling the religious requirements of the devotees who come in from the four. The temple has been built under the guidance of the Holy Relics. The new six storied building with the Sri Saranathissa library and a museum is also complete.

Ven. Yatodolwatte Ariyawansa Thero who was abolished was also anxiously developing the temple. There is a computer resource center to provide computer studies to the monks who study in the Kande Viharaa Maha Pirivena, as well as a website about the Japanese Language Center and the Viharaya. With the support of the contributors, the chief incumbent Batuwanhenne Thera and the Venerable Sikharamaya Scouting Officer Kokkita Vipulasara Thera was also a minor task.

The Chief Incumbent also takes steps to construct buildings for temples and temples in the areas surrounding the temple offerings. By now, such donations have been made with an allegation.

The devotees are filled with worship from morning till night seven days a week. The environment of the temple is not a necessity for the devotees, all of whom need to be fed with the kingdoms of the kingdoms and the non-dazzling in the temple, in order to make an incursion.

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