Delft Island -Sri Lanka

In the name of Sri Lanka, , the country is known by the Sri Lankan people who live in the peninsula. The Neduthans are the meaning of the big island. This is the largest island of Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka.

A Island with a plains of a plains can be seen at the coast of the Delta Island at the beach. The Island is a lot of places, even in the sanctuary of the island. The Island is a few natural wave of the island. The page can be seen on the island wide.

To Access The Delta Island, it must be the first to come to the brutal. The Langama and private bus have been used for it. Cruel and pier and the th of the day, a few of the daily uk will be in service. They are the ones who have been used by the road development authority, and the kumudinya ship is special. There are no money from passengers to travel in the UK, and they will be able to get the money for the seasth UK. The Sea is not a rough time, and it's been a long time to travel between a vicious and Delta, and the sea is a bit more than the time of the ocean. The bus is coming to the island of the Delta Island, and the bus to carry its passengers, and the bus was coming to the island, and the bus was on the road to the passengers. This bus has been used for times a day.

The Delta Island can be seen in the right side of the base, and it's a-Year-old navy base in the south, and it's going to be able to see a result of a-Year-old. It's the first thing to name the island Delta Van Jones Pinamy. It may be the first time in the south of the island, and it may be the first time in the Delta's island, and the government has been published on the Delft Island. The Police, the postal office, the Chief Secretary Office, the school, the wildlife office and various banks etc are special. A few of the island's religious affairs has been set up on a different place on the island of the island.

In The Delft Island, most of the houses or coconut leaves and the coconut leaves and built their walls in the same way, the coral bloody user. Some of the walls are set up with the page and leaves a lot of fun in the middle of the coral. These walls are also known as the coral of the coral reef is the name of Irish walls.

The Island of the island is also known as the island of the land of the island, and the island is called as the island of the island, and the island of the land of the island, and the island of a-Year-old car, and the island of the island. For the tourists, there's a lot of other accommodation, and the most profitable ones in here. The Price of the Delft Island has been known as a Delta Summit, and it is a great motel in the world. Not only that, the delft police are close to the coast of the coast, and there is a possibility that there is no security for the tourists. After the bath of the sea, there was a few drilling for the pure water bath. The Navy's camp and delta police are aware of the beach camp at the beach. In The Delft Island, the tourist attraction of the Delta Island can be shown below.

                                                       The Growing stone

This stone is about five feet from the ground as the stone of growing stone. The people of the island believes this is stone is growing slowly thru the year . there for some people even give flower and lamps for this stone.

                                                       The Queens Tower. 

This tower was assumed to be used as a era of dutch. The middle part of here is a smoke window and has been set up as possible to take the wind up. This may be a lot of time in the lower section of the fire, and it could be used for the navy to get a signal to the navy. In the past war, the tower of the sea, the sea of ltte and the sri lanka navy and the Sri Lanka Navy, but the sea tigers have not received space for the sea tigers to take over the Delta Island.

                                                      The  Wild Horses 

These horses can be seen on Delta Island, but the past is not as the state of the past. The first time in the island was brought to the island, and they were sold out of the island with thousands of horses on the island, and they were sold out of the sea of the sea. They've earned a good income from it. After Sri Lanka, these horses have been translated into the wild ashwine, after the Sri Lanka. And then the island of the island is the one who has been captured by the island, such as the st of the United States of the United States, but the first time of the island has been banned from the island of the United States. In many times of the year, this land is a reason to be affected by the island of the island, and the water can be found in the island of the island. But the department of wildlife on the present was set up with the navy to provide the water, and they must appreciate the effort.

                                                   The Old horse Istanbul.

This old horse Istanbul has been built in the Dutch age, and was prepared by the Dutch for sale and was prepared to be prepared for a sale of the Horses.

                                                          The Bayobaib tree

This is also a kind of plant, the mannar and jaffna districts are the same way to the Ethiopia and the jaffna district. The Arab vendors brought the South Asia to the South Asia this bayobab plant is in Delta Island, and the st of the Dutch Island of Sri Lanka is planted in the Delta Island. The bayobab tree is a very large round of Delta, and a few minutes to be able to be able to be able to get into a couple of minists. This is the most important of the plant in the area, and the body of the body is the most high-size of the repetition of the repetition of the body

                                                          The  Giant nuga tree.

This nuga tree is a huge size of the world and the branches are set up as a long way to close the branches. From Here, the roots will provide the support for those branches. There is a temple in the Delft Islands, and the temple is in the area, and there is a temple that has been built for it.

                                                         The giant trail.

The Giant trail of hiristones made a giant trail of this design, and a lot of people are known in this.

                                                   The old Dutch fortress.

Portuguese and Sri Lanka was very concerned about the security of the Portuguese and the most of the Portuguese, and the Portuguese was built on a Delta Island of Delta Island. After the th of the Dutch Island, the Sri Lanka has been strong in the middle of the land of the Sri Lankan Fort, which is in the south of the Dutch Fort. In the history of the history, the lower level is used as a weapon of a weapon and a cell, and there are no windows to be located in the present of the present. The Upper Floor is located in the window and says that the floor is built for the guard soldiers.

                      Dutch hospital, pigeon cages, and the court of the court.

In The Dutch Fort, the ruins of the dutch fort is in front of the land with this dance. In the land, the old Dutch hospital can see the building in the middle of the court, which can see the ruins of the court. This court has started by Sri Lanka, and then the British will have to be played after the run by the British. The most specific in this land is designed to be created by the Dutch era of the Sri Lanka. The pigeons of the Delta Island and the surrounding other land are called the pigeons trained to exchange the messages. After the th of the pigeons of the pigeons, we can go back to the scheduled place and have been trained to be back in the first place.

                                           Old Stupa ( Buddhist temple)

This place is a little stop in the middle of the sacred Bodhi Tree, but there is nothing but an ancient evidence to prove it. However, the first time in this place was found in a Buddhist temple, the first time in this place was found in a Buddhist temple in this place, and was found in a Buddhist temple in this place, after the first time of the British. The main layer of the main layer is the one who can be able to see its computer and the most small layer of the world. It was only the only one left in the back of this layer of limestone.

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