Cinnamon Lakeside , Colombo -Sri Lanka *****

Best Luxury City Resort

  • Category: Hotels
  • Duration: 00:45 Hours
  • Address: Cinnamon LAKESIDE COLOMBO (Map)
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Cinnamon Lakeside award winning sits in the heart of Colombo nestled between a lake and the bustling city, creating the perfect, urban getaway. Like a beacon for the weary traveler can relax during your business holiday, Cinnamon Lakeside is the perfect way to escape within the city and find the luxuries of resort life.

It is also the most extraordinary business hotel in Colombo, housing the largest city swimming pool, spectacular landscaping and an atmosphere of adventure. It has floating restaurant at the lake, aqua foot lounge, delectable international cousin and inspiring event venues also stunning views of the Beira Lake.

About 346 rooms come with expansive private terraces that open up to a breathtaking view of our poolside and the lake beyond. Walk in and find yourself relaxing to the pace of a resort, surrounded by definitive, exotic richness. Comfort, personal attention, sincerity and warmth define us.

Located a mere half an hour away from the Bandaranaike International Airport and right in the heart of Colombo’s pulse and pace, Cinnamon Lakeside takes away the stress and the speed of the city’s demands and makes you unwind on impact.