Lotus Chalets Eco , Migahajandura - Sri Lanka ***

Welcome to Jungle living experience in Sri Lanka with Lotus Chalets Eco

  • Category: Chalets Eco
  • Duration: 00:45 Hours
  • Address: Lotus Chalets Eco , Migahajandura - Sri Lanka (Map)
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The ‘Lotus Chalets’ are built out of mud and timber & overlooking the picturesque Lake Migahajandura and with in close proximity to MRICS the Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Stadium which is about 400m away from Lotus Chalets. Each chalet can be comfortably occupied by two persons with Luxury wash room facilities.The Chalets built out of Eco- friendly materials and are illuminated with hurricane lanterns ( Lantharuma). 

A unique Lake front surround by Lush greenery  Enjoy the tranquility of nature & wilderness Plan your holidays for wild elephant watching and to live in tree top shelters located within a cultivated traditional Chena

This hideout in the dry zone is a rare opportunity to experience nature and cool winds in the night . You will not believe whether you are in the dry zone. … The surroundings of the Lotus Chalets are with lot of green cultivations and you will feel like you are in a typical Chena. While you walk around the lake you can watch more than 15 to 25 varieties of birds starting from peacocks and jungle foul.We hope you will enjoy this unique experience.