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Galle was known as Gimhathitha in ancient times. The term is believed to be derived from the classical Sinhalese term meaning "port near the river Gin". It is believed that the town got its name as Gaalla in the native tongue as a result of the large number of bullock carts that took shelter in the area, following the long slow journeys from remote areas of the island. "Gaala" in Sinhala means the place where cattle are herded together; hence the Sinhalese name for Galle, ගාල්ල, is a development from 'Gaala'.[4][5] Another theory is that the word Galle is derived from the Dutch word ‘Gallus’, which means rooster.[citation needed] The Dutch have used the rooster as a symbol of Galle, though probably the word comes from the Portuguese ‘Galo’ (rooster).