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  • 07/08/2019 20:00 - 21/08/2019 01:23
  • Tooth of Temple ,Kandy, Sri Lanka

Kumbal Perahera On the 6th night, the Kumbal Perahera starts and proceeds for five days. At first, the Devale Perahera amasses before the Sanctuary of the Tooth. The insignias set on the ransivige (a vault like structure) is joined by the Basnayake Nilames (the lay overseers of the Devales). Elephants,drummers and artists will be found in all these Peraheras. For the following five evenings, the "Devale Peraheras" happen inside the premises of the four Devales with the minister of each Devale taking the post each night, joined by music and drumming, banner and covering bearers, spearman and the Ran Ayudha, the consecrated emblem of the Divine beings. The accompanying vital circumstances are reported by the terminating of cannonballs, which can be heard the whole way across Kandy. 1. The initiation of the Devale Perahera 2. The setting of the coffin on the tuskers back 3. The initiation of the Dalada Maligawa Perahera 4. The finish of the Perahera

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  • 20/08/2019 20:00 - 26/08/2019 08:23
  • Tooth of Temple , Kandy - Sri Lanka

Randoli Perahera It can only be seen with the procession of holy tooth relics and can parade the streets for five whole days, which is a tradition. In the days of the kings, the chief queen of kings parades this procession in Palanquins. Since the participation of Queens was not appropriate for the procession of Holy Tooth Relics, they were stopped, but a peace was obtained in the procession in honor of the Queen. Today it is taken as the last item of the procession. Maha Randoli Parahara (Grand Randoli Procession) is the last parade of Maha Randoli Parehara. This is the greatest celebration. Taskers accompany work and are embellished with formal outfits. Diasanan sells off adds a novel marvelousness to the new sewing dressing process.

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