VISA Guidelines for SRI LANKA

New visa rules have been forced with impact from first January 2012 where online visa must be connected for nations aside from Singapore and Maldives before entering the nation. This "Vacationer Estimated time of arrival visa" is legitimate for 3 months, beginning from the day it has been affirmed and can be connected for here: The visa is a twofold passage which implies you can enter the nation twice amid the three months. In every section, your greatest length of stay is 30 days. A guest wishing to remain over 30 days in Sri Lanka may apply for an expansion. The short visit visa might be reached out up to 90 days from the date of landing in the primary occasion and further 90 days at the second example.

Visa charges are US$ 15 for SAARC nations (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, and Pakistan) and US$ 30 for others (half cost increment beginning on 1 Jan 2013).

Expansions can be made at the Branch of Movement (011-532 9300;; 41 Ananda Rajakaruna Mw, Col 10; 9am-4.30pm Mon-Fri), in Punchi Borella, Colombo. The last installments are gotten at 3.30pm. The division sets the cost in US dollars, yet you pay in rupees. A visa augmentation gives you an entire three months in the nation and you can apply for your expansion nearly when you arrive (the 30-day visa given upon passage is incorporated into the three months). A further three-month augmentation is conceivable, however, you should again pay the expansion expense in addition to another Rs 10, 000. Expansions past this are at the caution of the division and acquire a Rs 15, 000 expense in addition to the augmentation charge.

See above for charges for the initial 90-day expansion.

The entire procedure takes around 60 minutes. To begin with, go to the first-floor office and get a visa-expansion application shape from the individual nearest to the entryway. You at that point work your way along the counter, through six or seven phases of stamps and receipts. At that point, you hold up 30 minutes or thereabouts while your visa works its way withdraw the counter and is come back to you.

You will require your visa, a forward ticket and either a charge card or outside trade receipts.

Visitor visas for India can be gotten at the High Commission of India (242 1605;; 36-38 Galle Rd, Col 3). The cost of a six-month visa relies upon your nationality, and you'll have to supply two photographs. It takes no less than five days to process a vacationer visa, yet just a single day on the off chance that you are an outside occupant in Sri Lanka. Lines have a tendency to belong. You can likewise acquire an Indian visa in Kandy at the Right hand High Commission of India (081-222 4563;; Box 47, 31 Rajapihilla Mawatha). Kandy influences a decent other option to Colombo to on the grounds that it's not as occupied.

In case of a dismissal, the framework will send a referral warning to the candidate and he/she needs to contact the closest Sri Lanka Abroad Mission for essential help. On the off chance that your nation doesn't have a Sri Lanka abroad mission please contact the 24-hour displacement hotline on 0094 719 967 888. Be that as it may, The Division keeps up a no discount strategy on your visa application charges.